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The Calling – part one

I’ve just joined an amazing mastermind group to help me focus on my spiritual path. To become more. I know the person I want to be. I can feel her rearing up inside me … stretching out. Reaching for so much.

My journey has led me to take a real look at the choices in my life. Why I am where I am. Why I am who I am. What about Sabrina do I want to change… need to change?

I am seeking guidance. From within and from others. Other creators who have traveled the path I am on now. As I carve out my own path, I know that now is the time to clear old habits and beliefs that no longer serve me or never have.

I have been resisting growth and change. I’ve been so comfortable here, where I am. But not happy. That’s what happens when you stop growing. You start dying. Not so literally, but your soul does. It dies. A little at a time. So slowly you hardly notice until one day you don’t recognize your own life.

This is not the life I’ve always wanted. Where on my journey did I make that turn? The one that got me off my path of dreams. How do I get back to it?

That is what I’m doing now. Getting back to my dreams. Letting go of fears. Listening to my soul again. So, I can hear my calling. So, I can hear the voice of the universe. Of God. Again.

One Love

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