Launch Your Online Business in 12 Days

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Everything about starting a business has changed. Gone are the days of 10-page business plans and extensive financial reports. 

Now you can start an online business with very little money. How, you ask? The answers are in this book. 

You can start by offering a product or skill you already have. The online business market is available to anyone worldwide.

Sabrina Norman takes you by the hand and guides you through the process. She not only tells you what to do she shows you how to navigate each step. Everything from starting an LLC or Corporation to creating your business website. 

   5 Simple Things You Need to Start Your Online Business:

  1. An idea you are excited about
  2. A computer or laptop
  3. A minimal monetary investment
  4. A ‘stick to it attitude’ 
  5. And this book

That’s it. You can be your own boss. This is where you begin. 

      Go From Having a Boss to Being the Boss in 12 days.   

Your Health is the Foundation for Everything

Your Health is the foundation for everything. Whether you make 50 thousand a year or 30 million a year, being healthy and staying healthy must be your top priority. If you are sick, feeling unwell, or dealing with a chronic disease nothing else will matter as much. You wouldn’t be able to take care of your family the way you’d like to, you wouldn’t be able to work much, if at all, and being happy while you’re sick is near impossible.

Anyone who’s been there will tell you: being sick is hard as hell, so don’t be, if you can help it, and you can. Yes, there’s a good chance you still have that choice. 

Get this book and I’ll show you how to get healthy and stay that way.

Manifestation Journal

Create The Life of Your Dreams

The 369 Manifestation Method is a powerful way to work with the Universal Laws of Creation. Results of the 369 Method are evidence that we are the masters of our circumstance. The 369 Method co-creates with the Law of Attraction in as much as they both conspire with man as the designer of his own life experiences. What materializes in the world of man is brought about by his own thoughts and desires.

Meditation, Visualization, and Affirmations are all keys to using the method successfully. Every thought is itself a creator. Thoughts become things. What you see in your life now are the fruits of your thoughts manifest.
The 369 Method works in tandem with all the Laws of the Universe

200 PAGES!

It’s time. Maybe you want to write your book, but you don’t know how, or you’ve started writing and got stuck. You have been thinking about it, talking about it, and wanting to write that book for a while.

Now you are ready to Write That Book and my team and I are here to make sure you get it finished. This is the ‘everything you need’, hand-holding course for beginning writers and writers who need to start from scratch.

Meet Sabrina

I AM always learning more about Love. How to Love. Who to Love. What Love is. What Love isn’t. When to share my Love and when not to. How to Love the world. How to Love one person. And most important… how to Love me.

I AM growing and reaching. Yearning. Planning. I am spontaneous. I am careful and adventurous. I am a wanderer. I am excited. I am expectant. I am more and more each day.

I AM a writer. I am an author. I am a nurse. I am an acting coach and  director. I am a storyteller.

I AM a spirit. I am complicated. Intricate and interesting. I am really funny. I am a healer. I am a divine being. I am an ever evolving soul, in a complete and perfect body. I am love. I am free.

I Love reading. I love books, books, and more books. I especially love historical romance and powerful literary fiction. I love Hemingway and Whitman. Dickens and Alice Walker. Lorraine Hansberry and August Wilson. Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Toni Morrison. Sidney Sheldon and John Steinbeck. Jane Austen and Nicholas Sparks. JK Rowling and Tennessee Williams. Thoreau and Eugene O’Neill. Edith Wharton and Richard Wright. Neville Goddard and Kahlil Gibran. I believe there are more good books than there are stars!

I Love writing. I love to write just about anything (except resume’s :). I write fiction and non-fiction. Most of my stage plays have been comedy but it’s dramatic fiction that I most enjoy writing. Short stories and novellas are my thing, but lately I’ve been writing full-length novels too. And I love writing a surprise ending. That’s kinda my signature. It’s exciting.

I Love fascinating conversations that go on for hours. The kind where I am eagerly leaning over to hear a new thought from this bold person who dares to share it with me.

I Love animals – horses and dogs but especially cats because, face it, they’re smarter.

I Love music. A little smooth jazz, like Brian Culbertson,and Najee. All the 70’s, 80’s and some of the 90’s Motown-like R&B, Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Teddy, the Gap Band. I  love soft, easy rock like Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, and Nora Jones. Then I love some P-Funk too. And Angie Stone, Jill Scot and Alicia. And all kinds of Gospel. I’m all over the place with my music. Michael Jackson. Prince is the ultimate, yet Aaron Neville is just … he’s just … there are no words.

There are so many. I can’t leave out Whitney or Aretha or Stevie. Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Adele, Rhianna. TuPac! There are just too many. But here’s the kicker – I love country music. Yes, I said it. I love it. It started with B.B. King and Little Richard. They took me all the way to Garth Brooks to Jason Aldean. From Florida Georgia Line to Lady A. From Kelly Clarkston to Miranda Lambert. Blake Shelton … the list goes on. My playlist is truly schizophrenic.

I Love rainy days as long as I am inside, watching from a window seat by a fire, reading a good book (rather than sitting in traffic screaming)… I love storms. Kahlil Gibran said it best “what is there in a storm that moves me so? Why am I so much better and stronger and more certain of life when a storm is passing…”?  And I love the sunshine anytime. How can you not?

Ahhhh but the beach… at the ocean, is my absolute favorite place to be in the world. That is where I feel most alive and at peace. Seeing the waves sway and dance and listening to the ocean whisper and sing softly with my eyes closed … there is nothing that touches my soul more. The ocean is where God lives, I believe. HE is everywhere but his home is at the sea. I feel it.

My desire to be of service to everyone I meet as much and as often as I can and to do it with a smile. My desire is to have made a beautiful difference in the world before I go.

I desire to be comfortable, happy, and peaceful in my own skin every day.  To go to sleep with joy in my heart and wake up in joy each morning.

And keeping it real, I desire to be able to walk, talk, think, hear, see, smell, and wipe my own … until the day I die at the feisty age of 101 years old (or older).

What I most want you to know about me is this, who I am today, I will not be tomorrow. That’s just how it is. Because I am a human being, forever creating, forever growing and always thankful to my Creator.

I am so glad our paths have crossed. I know there is a reason.

One Love,


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