Pretty B girl

A Whole Human Being

I don’t believe that people are just one thing or one way. I believe people are layers. Multi-levels. Complex beings. With different pieces of a whole. A whole being has relationships and careers, dreams, and fears and loves and dislikes. Idiosyncrasies. 

We each have a history. Experiences that have shaped us. Hopes we are reaching for. A whole being cannot be completely understood by anyone but the Creator. You can never know a whole being. 

We will never even know our whole selves. How can you even know what you will do in a given situation? You do not. You cannot. You don’t know what you are even capable of until the situation is on you. How can we expect to know someone else when we don’t know ourselves? 

You will only ever know that piece that is revealed to you. So many times, I have heard someone say ‘’I didn’t know he could do something like that’’ or “I thought she was…”. How often does someone you think you know surprise you with a new reveal? 

Remember that you are only seeing and knowing a small part of who a person is. Look for more and you will find it. There is always more. We are all human BEINGS. To be is to live. To live is to grow and learn and experience life. We are as beautiful and as intricate as the galaxy. 

One Love,


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